Custom Crafted Grass Fed, USDA Certified Organic and Specialty Meat Programs Worldwide

Ranch Food Co. specializes in sourcing meat products from major meat producing regions around the world. Ranch Food Co. procures a range of beef, poultry, pork, lamb, mutton, goat and other proteins from trusted, global suppliers.


Grass Fed, Cert. Organic, Angus, Wagyu and Commodity
Origin:  Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Ireland


Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile.


Argentina, Australia, Italy

Pork and Chicken

Brazil and Argentina.

Game Meats

Australia and New Zealand

Pet Food – USDA Cert. Organic + Regular

Private Labeling Available
Origin:  Uruguay and Australia

Ranch Food Co a division of Baybridge Commodities is a dedicated supplier of premier meats for the North American and Asian markets. Providing Grass-fed, organic as well as conventional meat cuts that are customized for each of the markets that we serve. Our meat team is based in the U.S. with great sourcing strength in North and South America and Oceania. Providing the unparalleled advantage of comprehensive access to the main meat markets for our clients.

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