Researchers Develop Wearable Devices for Dairy Cows

WEATHERFORD, TX (AP) — Researchers at Tarleton State University’s Southwest Regional Dairy Center in Stephenville are using devices similar to Fitbits to track the health habits of dairy cows. The researchers are saying that tracking a cow’s eating, sleeping and movement helps them take better care of the animals, according to a press release from … Read more

The difference between grass- and grain-fed cattle

n the United States, most cows start living similar lives. The calves are born in the early spring, drink milk from their mothers, and are then allowed to roam free and eat grass or other edible plants they find in their environment. This continues for about 7–9 months. After that, most conventionally raised cows are … Read more

Branding of Seafood products in China

August 15, 2019 A battle for China’s middle-income customers is proving hard work for food processor Haixin Foods Co Ltd., which saw revenues up 18 percent in the first half of 2019, thanks to demand for frozen convenience seafood products. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Market, Fujian, China-based Haixin scored sales of CNY 542 million … Read more

Does Color Change Mean the Product is Spoiled?

Change in color alone does not mean the product is spoiled. Color changes are normal for fresh product. With spoilage there can be a change in color—often a fading or darkening. In addition to the color change, the meat or poultry will have an off odor, be sticky or tacky to the touch, or it … Read more

Precooked Hamburgers Are Catching On

It sounds like a sure winner. Combine consumers’ demand for precooked, convenience products along with their insatiable craving for hamburgers, and you get the precooked hamburger — a product that ought to lead the race among fully cooked, case-ready items. Americans love hamburgers. They consume 14 billion of them each year. What’s more, convenience is … Read more

How do you cook your steak?

The USDA revised the safe minimum cooking temperatures for consumers to use in their homes to protect themselves against food-borne illnesses. These safe cooking temperatures are paired with new recommended resting times to ensure all harmful bacteria are killed through the cooking process. One important aspect of minimum cooking temperatures is that you are reaching … Read more

Heartbreaking’ drought forces Canadian ranchers to cull herds

A scorching drought in Canada’s heartland that made grass worthless for feed is causing farmers to consider culling as much as 20 per cent of the national cattle herd before winter in a “heartbreaking” nationwide effort. Canada’s cattle industry has suffered one blow after another, starting with an outbreak of mad cow disease more than … Read more

Ranch food sets base in Brazil to strengthen Pork sourcing

In join venture with Molkerey Alimentos Ltd, Ranch Food is BBC alimentos Ltd, the company is based in Florianopolis southern Brazil. BBC Alimentos will bring an assortment of food ingredients and finish products with a focus on organics to serve the Brazilean Market, BBC Alimentos will also focus on pork and chicken supply for China … Read more