Singapore issues first regulatory approval for lab-grown meat

Josh Tetrick, CEO of Eat Just, had at least one thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: Regulators in Singapore had issued the company the world’s first approval for its cultured meats. The decision paves the way for Eat Just, which is best known for its plant-based egg substitute, to sell its lab-grown chicken as … Read more

How Humans Became Meat Eaters

The tale of how humans became such avid carnivores begins 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs have just gone extinct, together with over half of Earth’s species. In rainforests that carpet vast areas of the planet, among soaring trees ribboned with vines, our next ancestor has just evolved. It’s the first primate ever known: Purgatorius. … Read more

Meat sales remain highly elevated

As social distancing measures sharpened further and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continued to rise, the final week of March showed ongoing stocking up in food and beverages, while non-food stockpiling showed signs of easing, Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics LLC. While packaged and frozen food are accounting for a greater share of … Read more

Will Cultured Meat Soon Be A Common Sight In Supermarkets Across The Globe?

Up until now, plant-based food companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Quorn have almost singlehandedly worked to lessen the impacts of industrial animal agriculture. Supermarket shelves and fast food restaurants across the US are serving up vegan burgers and meatballs and plant-based chicken nuggets are showing consumers there is an alternative to relying on … Read more

Researchers Develop Wearable Devices for Dairy Cows

WEATHERFORD, TX (AP) — Researchers at Tarleton State University’s Southwest Regional Dairy Center in Stephenville are using devices similar to Fitbits to track the health habits of dairy cows. The researchers are saying that tracking a cow’s eating, sleeping and movement helps them take better care of the animals, according to a press release from … Read more

The difference between grass- and grain-fed cattle

n the United States, most cows start living similar lives. The calves are born in the early spring, drink milk from their mothers, and are then allowed to roam free and eat grass or other edible plants they find in their environment. This continues for about 7–9 months. After that, most conventionally raised cows are … Read more

Branding of Seafood products in China

August 15, 2019 A battle for China’s middle-income customers is proving hard work for food processor Haixin Foods Co Ltd., which saw revenues up 18 percent in the first half of 2019, thanks to demand for frozen convenience seafood products. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Market, Fujian, China-based Haixin scored sales of CNY 542 million … Read more

Does Color Change Mean the Product is Spoiled?

Change in color alone does not mean the product is spoiled. Color changes are normal for fresh product. With spoilage there can be a change in color—often a fading or darkening. In addition to the color change, the meat or poultry will have an off odor, be sticky or tacky to the touch, or it … Read more